Powder coating equipment

Electrostatic powder coating equipment
+ SH-210
+ SH-209
+ SH-206
+ SH-2000
+ SH-2010
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Auto control system
Powder enamel gun
Electrostatic powder coating equipment SH-210
Manual Model Automatic Model Hopperless Set For laboratory test Special nozzle
Powder coating equipment

Powder Coating Equipment Manufacturer Korea

Self-examination function: easy to maintain and repair
- Trouble Indication Function
- Disconnection Indication Function

Maximized powder saving due to excellent penetration into surfaces that is to be coated

Safe and comfortable workability by biotechnological design production; excellent durability by using the most advanced materials

Maximized productivity through excellent penetration into various products by automatic electrostatic control function

Excellent coating effect in recoating

Excellent arrival rates to the deep inside by using various long nozzles
Weight 440g
Length 330mm
Power (AC)220v
Frequency 50/60Hz
Consumption Power 25w
Input Power (DC)24v

Output Power

Maximum output Power 180
Polarity Cathode
Iligh voltage confirmation form Inner part of gun
Max. flow rate 700g/min